Professional skills:

Broadcast journalism
Coordinating online radio shows

Language Skills


Technical skills:

Video editing
Microsoft Office
Adobe Products
Photo editing
Basic graphic design

Coordination skills

Communication with the team
Successful communication
Coordination of production levels


Journalist from Azerbaijan, based in Prague, Czech Republic

Pari Abbasli | Journalist

Currently a Master's Degree student on Journalism, Media and Globalization in Aarhus, Denmark (Aarhus University & Danish School of Media and Journalism) / then Prague, Czech Republic (Charles University) as a Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder. I do podcasting on Gender equality, reporting on advertising world, art / entertainment and technology, and getting interviewes on all of that topics and beyond. As an Azerbaijani journalist, I strongly eager to create broad archive in our language. Therefore, all of my blogs, podcasts episodes and features are in Azerbaijani. Still exploring new ideas, spheres and characteristics of journalism and media.


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  • Study:BA | Baku State Univertsity, Journalism MA | Aarhus University, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Charles University - Journalism, Media and Globalization